Benefits of Guided Meditations

Fri, Jan 15, 2016

#guided #meditation


Many top performing sports figures and top business people on the planet credit their successes to imagining and seeing in their mind themselves accomplishing what they wanted.

They are performing self-guided meditations but can you get the same effect from a recording? YES!!! The subconscious mind does not care where the ideas come from and makes no judgement in wether it can be accomplished or not it simply directs the concious mind to make it happen.

Guided Meditation will have an effect on your overall cognitive abilities, helping you to focus more, have more concentration, develop skills quicker, and increase your memory powers. Give you an amazing, magical experience by taking you on a mind journey into the unknown doorways in your mind. It will help you to think clearer, and clear your mind of cluttering thoughts, that clog the mind. It will help to increase mental well-being and can help with depression and anxiety. It will help to lower blood pressure, and reduce stress. Has been shown to help with treatment of many illnesses, and improve overall quality of life. Improves your visualization skills, which will help to improve right brain thinking. Strengthens the connection between the right and left hemisphere of your brain. Improves physical health, by slowing down your heart rate. Deepens the connection to your subconscious mind. Helps you to relax at a very deep level.


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Keep on Meditating.