Benefits of Moving Meditation and 5 Steps for an effective practice

Sun, Feb 5, 2017

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I got the shock of my life when I worked into a serious argument where two friends were trying to define meditation. One referred to meditation as sitting quietly and involving the mind in different thoughts, and the second person takes another dimension and stated that meditation can be done without sitting in quiet. Actually, the two friends were right in their definitions, however, they understood the topic differently, which led them to serious argument. In the next few paragraphs, I will talk about moving meditation (which is also a type of meditation), benefits, and the five simplest methods to perform it.

Obviously, moving meditation are one of the common types of meditation that are most practiced today. For the benefits of those who don’t know how it is being done, Yoga is one typical example of moving meditation.

What does meditation do?

Understanding the function of meditation can help us communicate with our mind and body in the best way that pleases us. Meditation is the way of connecting the body, heart, mind and soul together for health and probably spiritual benefits. Now back to the two friends mentioned earlier, the second person was quite right, as meditation can be done in different ways. Moving meditation is so common, and allows individual to connect the body in the best way that benefit them. Moving meditation is quite easy, and allows you to get off the rules of traditional meditation process, which keeps you static and quiet. One of the major things about moving meditation is that you can design the technique that’s suitable for you. All what you have to do is to allow your body to connect with the heart, mind and soul. Of course, you can achieve this without sitting quiet. Simple steps to perform moving meditation

You definitely would want to perform meditation without putting yourself in trouble. And if that’s what you want, then these simple steps will help you perform moving meditation with ease.

Find a spacious and conducive environment. Cool music with no vocals could help you get the best in the shortest possible time. It is also ideal to go barefoot so as to feel the floor with your feet. However, if you can’t go barefooted, ballet shoes will work fine. Doing this will help you reconnect with your mind and soul faster. Take a moment to look around the surroundings without moving any part of your body. Connect yourself with the surroundings and become conscious of the distance between you and the object around you. Doing this helps you get out of one dimensional thinking and connect with other things in a three dimensional way. Once you fully connect with the surrounding and have full awareness of the space, start moving slowly and try to fill up as much as possible. Concentrate on your movement as being led by one part of your body. You can imagine the part where the movement originates from, and let it lead the other parts. Finally, try to express an idea, or yourself through movement. How would you move if you wanted to communicate with “freedom, love, or loneliness”? Doing this will help you connect your body, heart, mind and soul better. The benefits of moving meditation

Moving meditation is beneficial in many ways. Unfortunately, only few people know how to perform it and get the best of it. Some of the benefits are:moving_med_2

It is easy, and does not necessarily follow traditional rules of meditation It can be performed any time, as long as the environment is convenient. It helps to improve fitness It can enhance spiritual strength, etc.

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