Breathe Right for Better Health

Mon, Mar 20, 2017

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I realize that the title might be a bit funky but keep reading and you’ll understand. For your entire life now you have been told things like: “Take a deep breath”, “Breathe in thru your nose and out thru your mouth”, and many more things about breathing and how to do it right. All these techniques are supposed to calm you and make you feel better in many of them do not and we’ll explore this in this article.

The 3 chemicals of breathing (O2, CO2, NO)

Oxygen (O2) plays the same role in your body as it does in your car, it is needed to burn the fuel (sugars and fatty acids) in our cells to produce energy. Oxygen is brought into the lungs via breathing, where it is transported by red blood cells to the entire body to be used to produce energy needed to live.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is considered a waste gas produced by the body which it is but it also has other uses. Co2 is also the reason you breathe lack of oxygen is not the main reason why we breathe it is actually the increased concentration of co2 that causes you to breathe. It is also proven that an increase in co2 in the body causes a release of red blood cells in the body to compensate in order to provide better oxygination. So increases co2 == more red blood cells == better oxygination. When we exhale from the mouth more co2 is expelled and so less co2 in the body means less blood cells which in turn causes a vicious circle of needed to breathe more, etc,… So the presence of Co2 in the body regulates the release and restruction of red blood cells.

Nitric Oxyde (NO) is found in your nose and a small amount of NO is passed into your bloodstream by simply breathing thru the nose. This gas creates special conditions in the body and is vital to good health and clear breathing. NO is the bloodstream does 3 basic things: vasodilator, anti-bacterial agent and finally it is also a broncial dilator. So the more NO you have the better you will breathe, the better your blood circulates and less bad bacteria your body needs to fight off.

These 3 important gases are vital and are best balanced in the body by breathing exclusively thru the nose. It’s as simple as that - breathe thru the nose 247 and you will feel better.

But that’s not it. I know you have heard that deep breathing is good for you but many scientist now are coming around and saying that this is not true. Next time you feel anxious or even have a panic attack. take shallow breath slowly in the nose and out the nose and every second breath stop after the exhale for 5-10 seconds I garantee that within 1-2 mins you will feel much calmer and the panic feelings will have dissipated.

Olympic athletes train at high altitude as it gives them an advantage in the games. This is because the oxygen concentration at high altitude is much lower so there is always a small but present air shortage, this forces the bidy to be more efficient at processing the oxygen that is present and it therefore produces more red blood cells to compensate. When that athlete goes down to a lower altitude to compete his or her body is processing oxygen in a much more efficient manner which allows that athlete to perform at peak performance. Of course we can’t all go to the mountains to train 365 days a year but we can control our breathing to simulate high altitude.