HowTo - Push past your limits with mindfulness.

Mon, Feb 6, 2017

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We all know that mindfulness results in increases in health, competence and happiness by letting you feel, see and smell what you are doing currently but most do not realize that you can expand your limits physical and intellectually by practising that same mindfulness.

Make Yourself Uncomfortable

First find something that make you uncomfortable, perhaps it’s winter and it’s cold outside or at the opposite end it’s really hot. If you cannot find anything outside (preferable), then run a cool/cold shower and get in.

Watch your body’s reactions to the situation

Scanning and noting your bodies feelings and reactions will help you withstand the situation you are in much easier. Enjoy the feelings and concentrate on opposite imagery… If you are in a cold environment visualize that you are on a warm beach.

When you think you cannot stand it anymore

Stay just 1 more minute or 10 more seconds I am sure you can do another 10 seconds and keep scanning your body and trying to compensate with imagery or willpower for the situation you want to get out of.

Keep on Meditating.