How to Set Up A Personal and Effective Location for You to Meditate

Fri, Feb 3, 2017

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I’ve never thought that it is necessary for me to remind you that setting up a personal and effective location for your meditation is the number one thing you need to consider if you must get the best results. However, after conducting thorough research on the reasons why most people fail to get the desired results, I found that lack of proper preparation and finding an appropriate location for meditation is the major setback.

Previously, I wrote about moving meditation in one of my articles and clarify some issues as regards meditation. As stated in the article, meditation does not necessarily mean that you should sit in a quiet. Nevertheless, the important thing is to recognize the best location suitable for you to meditate. If you have found a perfect place for your meditation, what are the things needed to be done? Of course, you have to make proper arrangement and set up the place just the way you want. I will highlight some steps in setting up a personal and effective location for meditation in the next couple of paragraphs.

Choosing a location

As generally advocated, a peaceful location is a must for any types of meditation. Have this at the back of your mind that your choosing location must be peaceful, and no any forms of distraction must be present. For some reasons, it is advisable to appoint an entire room for this purpose. However, this depends largely on the individual. In choosing a location, types of meditation also play a role.

Make the location comfortable

Make sure that you tidy the allocated room and decorate it in the best suits your style. Ideally, there should be enough space for you to connect your heart and soul to the surroundings. Based on research, meditating in a radiantly colored environment could add to the ambiance of peace. Another thing you might want to consider is having a pillow beside you. Additionally, always avoid high heel shoes if you’re practicing moving meditation.

Noisy or Silent environment?

Finding a completely silent environment for meditation might be a pain for some people. However, if you are unable to meditate in a noisy environment, make sure that you purchase a noise cancelling earphone. A lot of people prefer a completely silent location for meditation, however, some like to meditate alongside cool music without vocal.

Time is important

I can boldly say from experience that time affects the effectiveness of meditation. If you are yet to find a convenient time to meditate, it is advisable to try morning meditation and evening meditation. Depending on how your mind connects to the metaphysical world, it is very likely that you will benefit more during the evening meditation. In the event that you are not getting the best results from morning and evening meditation, make sure that you study the best time that your mind can easily communicate with nature. Ideally, this particular time should be the best for you to meditate.

By finding a comfortable location for your meditation need, it is almost 100% certain that you will benefit eminently from your least efforts.