How to use binaural beats music to enhance your daily meditation

Wed, Apr 20, 2016

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We meditate to attain that zone of calmness. Easy as it may sound; some people can’t even get into the meditation zone! The mere thought of remaining idle is downright frightening and no sooner do you get down to it, do you find yourself wanting out. This article focuses on using binaural beats music as an implement to help you stay still and make the journey to oneness easier. Before reading on, do note that this is merely a noise cancellation or external distraction elimination technique; this is different from meditating as that requires you to actively focus and control your thoughts for strays, to benefit from meditation.

The science behind binaural beats is simple yet interesting. Basically you’re subjecting your mind to two varying frequencies at the same time, 200 at one ear and 210 at the other. This has a confounding effect on the mind forcing it to decipher them as a 10 Hz frequency. This frequency is linked with sending the mind into a calm and meditative state and thus magnificently adds to your efforts.

Coming to application; the main point to note is using stereo headphones. Only then will the effect occur because the entire purpose is to ‘carry over’ your brain into another state. Once you’ve got the headphones ready, download a track with the beats. Now that the technical part has been taken care of; you can get to meditating. Practicing proper technique ensures you get a productive meditating session every time. This being said, keep these following points in mind.

First off you should be in a completely quiet area. This means no distractions either. Once you’ve unhooked yourself from the external environment (nothing to divide your focus), you pay attention to the inner self. This includes the standard procedure for meditation of ignoring and keeping away negative thoughts. On one side you keep away stray thoughts and on the other hand you actively lead yourself into a cocoon of relaxation. Try to actively get yourself to relax, imagine the music is making you relaxed and let your mind fall in tune with it. Submissiveness will help here. Follow all these points to get the most out of your meditative experience.

By now you have probably gotten the gist of binaural beats and how they work. A simple recap will help, put on headphones, play track and let the beats takeover. The process is clear-cut but, do note that you will have to be patient. The goal of all this is to achieve calmness and peace and not merely having a music session. Therefore, you should actively focus on trying to relax and let the music be a mere aid and not the primary worker itself. It takes close to ten minutes for the brain to sync with the audio so get a long duration track, preferably 50-60 minutes. You can get beats which you like dubbed with the frequencies for making the whole process enjoyable.